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Streaming from Anywhere to Everywhere
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Streaming is all we do. And What we do best!
With daily online video views now in the billions, it’s no longer a question of how to stream live video—it’s what you want to accomplish with your content. Look professional. Connect with an audience. Acquire new fans. Explore new revenue opportunities. The simplicity of our live production solutions make the technology transparent, so you can focus on growing your business and your brand.​

Our production services, combine the latest tools and expertise to successfully broadcast your event from virtually anywhere in the world. From simple productions, multi-camera shoots, to Satellite Uplinking. Our production services are customized to suit individual needs.

Today, anyone can sign up for a streaming account and begin broadcasting video to the masses. But creating a professional show—one that can hold audience attention and attract new viewers—takes more than just a camera and an Internet connection. If the technology between your lens and your fans is built around a long list of complex hardware, software and process diagrams, you’ll spend more time troubleshooting instead of turning a great idea into an amazing show.​

Streaming Media Live has professional, crew and equipment to ensure 
that your next production is executed flawlessly. 
We pride ourselves on internally staffing our crew with only the best 
and most experienced broadcast teams. Because we have executed events 
globally, we have an extensive directory of crew and team members 
in all different parts of the world.  Our services include casting, crew 
and post-production editing if required.

Streaming Media Live uses the most advanced Internet encoders 
and CDN Platforms to insure that your audiences get the highest 
possible quality video. Using the industry’s best encoders, 
we provide HD quality streaming to all the most popular devices
from the Internet, phones to over-the-top TV products. Our fully redundant 
data center ensures that content is always delivered and we utilize
the biggest Content Delivery Networks available, enhancing the user experience. 
That’s why companies like Illumina, California Association of Realtors,, UC Irvine, CAL State LA utilize Streaming Media 
Live equipment and staff.

We provide full HD video transmission over satellite and fiber connectivity, 
allowing for the highest quality signal. We are capable of transmitting 
multiple feeds simultaneously all over the globe. Our expertise in this field 
ensures that the content of our productions are delivered everywhere 
it needs to be, as efficiently as possible. 
We strongly believe in redundancy, 
therefore we are backed up at every step and turn within our transmission footprint.

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When you need temporary Internet access for special events, meetings, conferences and short-term projects, Streaming Media Live offers temporary bandwidth solutions for every application and budget. As your temporary bandwidth provider, we will help you evaluate each bandwidth option, taking into account speed, reliability, and cost to determine the best short term bandwidth solution that will fit your needs.