Adaption To A New Workflow

Adaption To A New Workflow

As states open back up, and TV and Video Production crews are going back to work, we are seeing an increase in remote production camps. 

Production crews are working remotely in areas all around the United States—especially now during the summer months. A reliable satellite internet connection—large or small—for a production in the middle of nowhere has become a major necessity. Streaming Media Live has the solution for adaptation to the new workflow.

Because of COVID-19, Production companies have turned to Virtual/Remote Productions. Celebrities, Producers and Production Staff are all working remotely, sometimes in far away locations. With extremely short notice…2 days…we were able to deploy our IP Satellite Truck. The remote location we were assigned was in Oceanside, CA. The Internet landline at this location was horrible, making it impossible for our guest celebrity to connect with production. The production company used remote PTZ Cameras and proprietary encoders with Audio, Video and Intercoms to communicate with the guest celebrity at this location.

Streaming Media Live Flypack

For studios, getting productive again quickly and reliably will be the key. Directors and Producers working remotely and separately from a set, yet interacting in real time, is under discussion and may become commonplace. This requires resilience and performance well beyond the scope of consumer gear, and it is already being done. Broadcast level reliability is the answer, but older broadcast workflows are not, because the back-haul has to be efficient, scalable and interactive.

Rising to the occasion and the demand, we have developed a Transmission IP workflow that works for remote locations with our IP Satellite Systems. Whether it’s our IP Flypack Solution or one of our Satellite Trucks, Streaming Media Live has you covered… 

…From Anywhere to Everywhere!


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