COVID-19 Trending News

COVID-19 Trending News

The current global COVID-19 pandemic are affecting everyone—personally and professionally.

Challenging Times & Communication

As the world strives to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), working from home, regional lockdowns, event cancellations and travel restrictions have become the new "norm" to achieve social distancing and bring down the curve. During these uncertain and highly dynamic times, broadcasters, news agencies, government, religious associations, and many enterprise organizations have an even greater need for timely and reliable communications.

Streaming Media Live is your partner for critical communications!

Streaming Media Live has prepared our facilities, network and staff to support these communication needs on a 24/7 basis. We provide the platform to create and deliver your critical messages—live and to a global audience—as required. We can do this in multiple platforms and communication tools like Live Video Streaming and Satellite Broadcasting.

We minimize the number of people traveling, by leveraging a remote or local production capability, and provide a safe environment for you to do what you do best—Communicate. 

Whatever the venue—a studio, your own offices, or even from your home—we can set up a live broadcast and deliver it to any traditional or digital platform, in any corner of the world.

We are here to support you and committed to ensuring the timely and reliable delivery of your critical communications!

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