Got Internet?

Got Internet?

As California and many other states relax restrictions due to COVID-19, Film and Television Productions are ramping up.

At Streaming Media Live, we engage with our customers early in the planning process to understand the complex IP workflow on their productions. We have found that “satellite as usual” no longer serves client workflows. We have merged a more sophisticated, multi-faceted workflow with our latest technology and equipment, to deliver sustainable internet for long periods of time and accommodate complex traffic patterns and multiple users.

On a recent project, where we were on location for approximately 4 days, our client needed internet in multiple remote locations. Production was constantly moving from location to location, with each new location proving to be more challenging. In addition, we had a core team of executives who needed internet for communication with the production team which was scattered throughout the U.S. and the E.U. We also had to support other production crew members and administrative staff with Internet at various locations on set. 

Our team of Engineers and Technicians were not only able to meet those challenges with the combination of our equipment and their expertise, they exceeded our client’s expectations in the process.

Got Internet? Streaming Media Live provides dedicated, power and reliable connectivity…

…From Anywhere to Everywhere!


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