IP Satellite – The NEW Frontier

IP Satellite – The NEW Frontier

Understanding a client's workflow is imperative. It can mean the difference between success and failure.

In today's New COVID reality, the Internet is everything! Whether you are on a Movie Set, with a remote transmission from base camp to the producer or directors at home, a Television Reality show, or Corporate Virtual Event, understanding IP workflow is crucial. However, understanding the client's needs and end goals are equally important.

Our client reached out to us to provide a stable IP Satellite Solution. The job was a ten day Global Media Event and live stream at a resort in Southern California, nestled in the Mountains.

The Problem:

The client's local internet at the venue was spotty and unreliable. After 5 hours of continuous usage pushing HD Video to a popular CDN, the internet crashed and the client lost the stream. Our team reviewed the client's current situation to understand where the point of failure was. We discovered the existing ISP service at the venue was point-to-point unlicensed microwave internet service. Due to the geographical location, the local ISP will not service remote locations like this.

The Solution:

After ascertaining the client's requirements for internet bandwidth and understanding the unique work flow, we were able to collaborate with the Assistant Director, Producer and D.P. to deploy a reliable, dedicated, Solid IP Satellite Solution, with 10x10 mbps up and down for 10 days—averaging 6 hours per day.

Doing the job right the first time is very important. You don't get a second chance to "do the right thing"! Having the right tools, with dedicated professionals that care about "Customer Success" rather than turning a buck is the only way forward in this New Frontier. 

…From Anywhere to Everywhere!


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