Streaming Media Live's Satellite Media Tour

Live on Set for A Satellite Media Tour

Together with our Broadcast partners, Streaming Media Live was able to provide a LiveU LU800 transmission from Orange County.

We used our Tricaster for a 2-Camera Live Switch, plus front-of-house sound and audio mix, for a Satellite Media Tour Broadcast. We want to thank our media partner, Bobby Stevens at IT VIdeo, for coordination on the Domestic transmission, as well as our New York partners and broadcast teams. Another job well done!
Streaming Media Live on set in Orange CountyStreaming Media Live using LiveU LU800
Our LiveU LU800 has been a game changer for us. With more flexibility in the field, it gives us a logistical advantage when Satellite is not feasible. And, now that we have our LiveU LU4000 (4) Channel Server, we can receive 4 remote feeds at our broadcast transmission center and redistribute them in any direction over Satellite or the Internet—or both. 
Streaming Media Live Satellite Media TourStreaming Media Live on Set in Orange County

It’s a global economy—even in a pandemic and recession—and we are humbled and blessed to have opportunities like this come our way. We look forward to future endeavors with our broadcast partners!

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