The importance of IP Satellite for Reliable Connectivity

The importance of IP Satellite for Reliable Connectivity

Access to powerful and reliable temporary internet has become an increasingly important factor in business operations worldwide. 

Satellite IP

Every revolution has a defining moment. In the modern world of telecommunications there may be none more important than the development of Internet Protocol (IP) Satellite.

IP Satellite changes how Film and TV production crews meet the demand for content in the new “Zoom” digital world. Streaming Media Live's Satellite Internet Protocol (IP)-based architecture is used on film and TV base camps, as well as at extreme remote locations where cellular isn't available.

We take a unique approach to our service by understanding and executing your Internet needs in advance—to deploy our stellar resources when needed most. Solving your "Off The Grid" Internet problems is our specialty.

Satellite IP

Understanding today's complex internet workflow is our greatest advantage. Our engineers and technicians are trained in the latest workflows for business and production. Our optimized temporary internet service will ensure you receive the exact amount of bandwidth you need, with maximum results to make your event a success! 

Streaming Media Live's set up is Fast and Powerful. The Bandwidth we provide is Dedicatednot shared—providing more Reliable connectivity.  

From modest TV & Film set locations, to expansive feature films and long-running TV shows—for any event, large or small—our temporary broadband can be modified to meet the unique needs of any project by delivering flexible bandwidth, powerful connectivity, and fast setup. 

…From Anywhere to Everywhere!


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